Okcfire: Hey 97th, sorry not been on in a while. Just got another day off job and had alot of orientation weeks. See yall soon
Woofie: I posted in the forum again.
Okcfire: LOL I'll try Cheyenne, except I havnt been on in about 2 weeks. Redoing house right now. Busy, hope to see yall soon
Cheyenne: Woofie sorry to hear about Deanna our prayers are with you and Deanna, take your time, see you in the skies later.
Woofie: check the forum.
Cheyenne: back up, as you all know, things in the Philippines are slow in getting things done. Okcfire let every one else know
Cheyenne: ~S~ 97th BG, Sorry I haven't been on lately, I am in the processes of moving. Do not know when I will get the internet
Okcfire: Sorry to lose you Hornet. Good luck to you.
HornetUK: I have left Aces High, Nice flying with you all and good luck
Cheyenne: Matt Brown Please resubmit your registion to the web site. I maybe able to help you with some infro on the 97th BG
Cheyenne: Gents Plz Welcome back Varnish, his new handle is StallONE and Juno76, his new handle is cBronson
Cheyenne: Hornet I was checking the DCS FW-190 and the F-86 out. However can't afford them
Okcfire: Not yet Hornet
Okcfire: way to go Zimme. Did a lot of flying in a 150. Nice aircraft.
HornetUK: anyone looked at dcs fw-190 and F-86
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