Cheyenne: return to AH 2 and he loves Long Range High Alt Bombing.
Cheyenne: Everyone Please Welcome our newest member to the Group, Vaulcan, I believe he siad he been gone for 10 years, and has
Okcfire: He is New (3weeks to AH2 so lets help him out
Okcfire: Everyone Welcome our newest member WarLorDz to the group
Cheyenne: and voice voice privileges has been suspended. For how long I do not know, so if you have TS please use it. TY
Cheyenne: Havermyr,DallasH,woofie and zimme, sorry I didn't answer you back, I can not chat or use the voice vox dur to my chat
Okcfire: Hey PC people, question. I looking at getting a mobile wifi. How data does AH@ use in 1 hour?
Okcfire: LOL!!! What did you do???
Cheyenne: suspended for now, got in to a disagreement with an AH Moderated. Sorry Guys, however I will be on TS
Cheyenne: ~S~ 97th, as for now I will not be able to communicate with any one in the game, my chat and voice privileges have been
Zimme83: I still got a "enter your confirmation code" whenever i try to do anything like posting in the forum.
Cheyenne: zimme you are good to go, you don't need a e-mail confirmation. You should be able to post anything you like.
Zimme83: I have not get any confirmation email. can someone help me w it?
Cheyenne: Gentlmen, a post in members only section about pass word for our TeamSpeak Server.
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