Cheyenne: Gents Please Weclome our new member rawhide to the v97th BG
Cheyenne: Gents in the download section you will find a zip file with the new AH3 Alpha Beta maps.
Cheyenne: Gents there is a New Section dealing with AH3 Alpha Beta Testing
Woofie: I Posted in Skin Cancer.
Woofie: I Posted in the forum.
Okcfire: Gentlemen, I will be gone until June 12th. Vacation with the wife. See yall later. Happy Hunting
Cheyenne: Gents have been busy packing and moving. I don't know when I will internet back up.
Cheyenne: Gents I made a post in General Discussion on Combat Tour, Pleases read and leave what you thnk about it
Cheyenne: Gents new teamspeak IP:fenway.clanwarz.com:1126
Okcfire: Welcome to group giovaFR and gene1
giova: Thank you Cheyenne ! I've posted a little presentation topic on the forum.
Cheyenne: giovaFr ur all ready to go on the web site.
Cheyenne: Gents Plz welcome giovaFR and gene1 to the Group
Cheyenne: Zanduel your good to go and post on the web site
Gumby357: Thanks Cheyenne
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