Cheyenne: Woofie our prayers are with you. Get well buddie.
Woofie: check the forum.
Okcfire: Hey Woofie, Hows Deanna doing? Was thinnking of you and hope yall are good
Woofie: Thanks for the update, c u all in the air.
Cheyenne: Sorry for not being on most of the time. Due to the my ISP crappie internet connections.
Cheyenne: Gents we have a whole new teamspeak 3 server, you find address in the forums.
Woofie: Happy New Year 2015 v97 BG (H). Deanna says the same. See u all soon. Happy 2015.
Woofie: Merry Christmas 97th BG (H). See u all in the air soon. Deanna is duing well, thanks for your prayers.
Zimme83: Will be away from game a few weeks, leaving for Ethiopia on the 22nd and returning on the 8th of jan.
Okcfire: Thoughts and prayers for you and your family Cheyenne. Seen the super storm headed for you.
Cheyenne: Not sure when I will get the Internet, just know some time in Dec. So as soon as I get the internet I be on.
Cheyenne: ~S~ 97th BG, well got moved now waiting for the ISP, however they say some time in DEC. May not be the same as Before.
Woofie: Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. C u n the Skies soon.
Okcfire: Hey 97th, sorry not been on in a while. Just got another day off job and had alot of orientation weeks. See yall soon
Woofie: I posted in the forum again.
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